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Sun, Jun. 1st, 2008, 02:42 pm
ladymillay: Just Lame

20, f, Australia. I'm lame. I study events management and I have a job doing such things.

Pictures of me are on my journal if you're so inclined to think that way. I'm not that pretty. In fact, hot women make me extremely anxious so I try to hide my flaws all the time. In another instance, I'm always half an hour early to places because I'm so anxious about being late.

In terms of my LJ, I write and comment way too much. I think that everyone wants to read about my boring life as I firmly believe the world spins around me.

Just don't add me, ok? I'm still in my flannelette pyjamas right now at 3pm and I don't feel like getting all excited that people are interested in me.