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Don't Add Me

The Ultimate In Reverse Psychology

The Ultimate In Reverse Psychology
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I've grown tired of seeing the same old "add me" communities where everyone's trying to sell themselves as worthy reading material. So what I've decided to do was spice things up a bit, and offer you the chance to be more humble. Tell us what's wrong with you. Create a list of reasons why people shouldn't add you. If your spelling sucks, I want to know about it. Are you rude to those around you? When you buy new shoes, is a picture destined to follow? Is watching fish swim the highlight of your week, and if so, am I going to have to read about it? We've all got problems, what's your's?

Sometimes it's the little imperfections that make people more interesting. So if you're looking for new names to add to your Friends List, you just might find them here... for all the wrong reasons.